by Hazel Rose

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Today we give you "PLAY", Bonus track off the upcoming album "The Seed". This song is for the wild nights and the wildcards… it goes out to taking a risk and saying "Yes". :) We choose to believe in our fantasies and make the impossible real. So tap in to the frequency and take a walk on the ceiling…

"The Seed" Releases March 24th, 2015 on

Beat by Fukkk Off

Production and Mix and Master by Mic Angelo and Stylo

Design by 2doe

#BQM #TheSeed


Just this once, just say yes and lets just play
All day, and all night…
Play, play play…

Anything goes, you gon like it and you just don't know
Look at you, froze
Go slow when you enter my zone
By my rules, you wont want to choose, to tap out we do what they do not do so lets go
Hold on tight cuz its a gorgeous night blow your mind take flight to paradise
dilate your eyes and roll one for the ride, the vortex will have you open wide
switch the roll now im in your sight, im the prey that you want to bite, come and get me and i just might, let you see what this game is like

If you want it come and get it if we play we'll get that feeling
If you want it…come and get it…
Welcome to your fantasy…float up above with me
Be what you never dared to be
Nothing holds you down not even gravity

Take a walk on the ceiling (Walk with me)
I know you're loving that feeling (Feel that frequency)
Play with me, Play with me

Still up, no sleep fill up the cup
Getting brain on beat so thriller
Sorbet sunrise no vanilla sky
Got more than 31 flavors so get it right
Ugh, you didn't know that I could flip that
Don't talk that much but the tongue'll give you whiplash
Get that did you get that
Want me to sit right there where you think at
Leme twist that while you sip that get back
contortionist we break the mold choke hold
different strokes is what you hope for
Go hard or go home
Raise the bar cuz you wanna party
So I play the part cuz I wanna part of you
Take my heart now I don't wanna part with you
Take flight cuz I'ma depart with you

There's only one way…. S0 baby hold on
Going up and away…. So baby hold on (Cuz Ima depart with you)


released March 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Hazel Rose San Francisco, California

Artist/Singer/Emcee from San Francisco.

My album "The Seed" releases March 24th, 2015

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